Mechanical Engineering

  • HVAC for facilities including air and water distribution

  • Air systems including heating, cooling and ventilation

  • Hydronic systems including hot water, steam and chilled water

  • Process exhaust systems to control airborne dust, chemical, welding and flammable particulates


Plumbing Engineering

  • Domestic hot water, chilled water, sanitary, waste and vent piping to fixtures and equipment
  • Compressed air systems

  • Storm water drainage systems

  • Fuel gas piping

  • Process facility piping including hot, chilled and steam piping systems


Fire Protection Design

  • Full design including hydraulic calculations
  • Performance specification for delegated design

Electrical Engineering

  • Service entrance and utility power

  • Power distribution

  • Emergency power

  • Lighting design and photometric layout

  • Phone, data and CATV systems design

  • Fire alarm design

  • Security systems design

  • Access systems

  • Nurse call system design

  • Grounding systems design

  • ARC flash studies

  • Telecommunications

Value Added Services


BIM-Building Information Modeling

Life Cycle Analysis

Independent construction observation and advisory services

Energy Evaluation/Upgrade

Act 129 Utility Rebates


Peak shaving/load curtailment 

Recycled fuel/renewables

Biomass heating systems

Photovoltaic systems

Wind turbines 

Energy Modeling 

LEED modeling 

Manufacturing Use Tax Rate Calculations