January 1, 2022

Paragon Engineering Services, Inc.: Growing the Company by Growing Employees

YORK, PA -- The ownership team at York-based Paragon Engineering Services, Inc. is intent on growing its employees with an eye toward providing the best possible service to customers and the community.

Two longtime employees, Peter Beddia and Rodger Lease, became part owners of Paragon in 2018 and acquired the remaining shares of the company by the end of 2019.

Six other employees joined the ownership team in 2021, bringing with them experience and responsibilities in engineering, project management and client relationship management. The company also has locations in Lancaster and Chambersburg.

“At Paragon, we have been very successful at growing our own engineers from college graduates. We mentor our people to grow and don’t limit them as to how far or where they can go within the company, even to the point of being part owners,” said Beddia, president of the firm.

“Paragon maintains quality by training and supporting young talent with a deep group of experienced engineers,” said Lease, principal and mechanical division department head. 

Lease added, “Our versatile group of employees has the drive and a wide range of knowledge and skills, needed to serve many types of clients and projects. We maintain a good, collaborative work environment, which translates into better service and relationships with our clients and community.”

Beddia joined Paragon in 2006 to run the electrical department. His earlier experience was in water/wastewater treatment plants, industrial and commercial projects and arc flash studies. He graduated from Penn State in 1989.

Lease became part of the Paragon team in 2001 and was involved in developing the mechanical and plumbing business.  In 2004, he started managing the mechanical department. He is a 1992 graduate of Penn State with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Beddia and Lease have worked collaboratively since the early ’90s.

Employees joining Beddia and Lease on the ownership team are Tim Osborne, Mark Kelley, Randy Ferree, Scott Aisenbrey, Mike Schultz and Tom Rumsey.

“Our goal is to build the company from within and bring on as many key people as possible as owners,” Beddia said. “We are already finding that the leadership team is more cohesive and inspired,” Lease added.

“We have several very qualified individuals who started out as draftsmen and are now running very large projects,” Beddia noted.

Paragon is focusing on business development by re-establishing some relationships, strengthening others and building still more. The firm recently hired Jeff Strine as business development manager.

Future goals include expanding shares of other owners and expanding their roles in the business.            In 2022, Paragon hopes to find a new location for the home office in York, renovate it and move in before September.

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