Client Testimonials

We take great pride in our work, and strive to deliver exceptional service for every client every time. Here are some testimonials from real clients who we have worked with recently.

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Tim Lapp, Co-owner/CEO

"The definition of Paragon is a model/pattern of excellence or someone of exceptional merit.  Over the last decade, we have partnered with Paragon Engineering Services on a multitude of projects and they live up to their name every time!  Paragon's extraordinary support and commitment to their clients, team members, and community is evident in all that they do. At Lapp, we truly value our strong connection with the team of engineering experts at Paragon and are "amped up" to be working with them on many more projects to come." 

bonnie m. goble, director

“Paragon Engineering Services was creative, sensitive to our needs and willing to work within the budget and strict timeline on our HVAC design. Their attention to detail and personal devotion carried through every part of the process, including retaining and maintaining our grant money. Not only did they create practical solutions to meet our needs, they also were able to achieve an energy savings of 33% with our new green-efficient HVAC system.”

Gregory a. ott, building code official, associated building inspections, llc

“It is always a pleasure to review your construction plans.  Your presentation is always professional, precise, and meticulous.”

chip Welsh, Operations Manager, world church general conference of seventh day adventist

“Why would I suggest someone use Paragon Engineering? Is it price? Not really, they are priced middle of the road. But when it comes to value they excel. They have exceptional turnaround time and have always been responsive. They have never tried to oversell a project and gave just what was needed. They don’t keep coming back with change orders. This is a very good indicator that they know what they are doing and seeing what the job actually needs to be completed. They have been honest with me telling me what I really need to know. Last but also very important they have always conducted business in a friendly professional manner. In short, I’m very glad to have found them and it’s a privilege to recommend them.”


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"Over the years Site Design Concepts has partnered with Paragon Engineering Services on a multitude and variety of projects. Paragon has consistently delivered excellent, responsive and timely service, while staying within budget. Their knowledgeable and flexible staff has always completed their work in a very professional manner. We highly recommend using PES for the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design needs on your next project.”